Drake Finds Maid Sniffing His Clothes in Commercial for His New Fragrance Oil

The fragrance oil is available now and accompanied by a rollerball.

Drake recently debuted a commercial for the latest fragrance oil in his Better World Fragrance House line.

The commercial for his Carby Musk fragrance oil, described as Drake's signature scent, features people sniffing their sweatshirts and the clothes of others for some sensory satisfaction. Near the end of the promo, the rapper appears in his walk-in wardrobe looking for an item of clothing that he discovers has gone missing. He then bumps into his maid, who is also enjoying the scent of one of his sweaters, much to the confusion of Drake himself.

The new fragrance oil, seen in the product image below, comes with a rollerball and is available through the Better World Fragrance House website now. The fragrance is crafted by perfumer Michael Carby of Givaudan in collaboration with Drake.

"Better World Fragrance House is about improving our immediate space," said Matte Babel, who is part of the rapper's management team. "How can we improve our space through scent, whether that be a personal space, a studio space or a foreign space. That will create ripple effects into other things we do as a brand. We look at how many different places someone can interact with scent and product."

Drizzy launched the Better World Fragrance House line back in 2020 with several scented candles, including the signature Carby Musk, which has been described as "introspective as an interpretation of your beautiful self, yet extrovertive as how you would want others to see your bold and brilliant self." It's been said it "actually smells like Drake," if that's something you're into.

In April 2022, he teamed up with Shoppers Drug Mart to release limited-edition candles available in over 200 stores across his native Canada. That same year, Better World Fragrance House partnered with Goodwill Southern California for a pop-up art exhibit.

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