Deshaun Watson Gets Huge Back Tattoo Featuring His Girlfriend's Face, KAWS, and MLK In A Fitted

The embattled Cleveland Browns quarterback appears to be smitten with Jilly Anais.

Two people sitting courtside, one in a denim jacket and the other in a black outfit
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images
Two people sitting courtside, one in a denim jacket and the other in a black outfit

Deshaun Watson has honored his girlfriend, Jilly Anais with, an extensive back tattoo featuring her face. But that's not all.

Watson, who has been dating Anais since at least 2019, recently hit up Onder Ink's Andres Ortega for the piece, which covers the entirety of his back. Alongside Anais, the wild tattoo features a depiction of his mother and other family members, KAWS artwork, the NFL logo, his hometown, and championship rings. It also has Martin Luther King Jr. in a fitted cap, who appears next to an astronaut and Popeye. Because of course.

Per TMZ, Ortega said the tattoo took nine hours all in and Watson was pleased enough with his work to give him a Browns jersey as a thank you gift.

In 2021, Watson requested a trade from the Houston Texans. The team did not entertain trade offers until he was accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple massage therapists. He was traded to the Browns the following year, but was suspended for multiple games after the number of women accusing him of misconduct grew to over 30. He settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits against him for undisclosed amounts in June 2022, while 30 women who accused him settled with his former team, the Texans, the following month.

In November 2023, Watson suffered a displaced fracture that required him to undergo season-ending surgery. He is expected to make his return to the NFL in time for the 2024 season.

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