ASAP Ferg Talks Halloween in Harlem and Dressing as Chucky This Year

ASAP Fergs shares childhood Halloween memories, his thoughts on blackface, and what he'd do if he came across a creepy clown.

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ASAP Mob plans to release a mixtape on Halloween this year, Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends. Since ASAP Ferg is known for his style and creativity, we figured we'd hop on the phone with the durag enthusiast and fashion gawd before Bacardi's Nocturnal Awakening event with Kenzo Digital to get some of his thoughts on classic costumes and his memories from Halloween spent growing up in New York. We talked fans dressing up as Yams, creepy clown sightings, and throwing eggs on Hallow's Eve. Be sure relax your limbs this weekend, so you'll be able to download Cozy Tapes with ease.

Do you dress up for Halloween?
This will probably be the first time I’ll dress up for Halloween in a while. I used to when I was younger, but I haven’t really celebrated. I’ve had a lot of years. I’ve been working hard. I ain’t really get a chance to celebrate Halloween. But this year, I’m gonna celebrate big.

Do you have a costume picked out yet?

I’m gonna be Chucky.


What’s your best or worst costumer you’ve worn?
I’ve never really had no bad costume but I remember…My birthday is October, so when I was a kid, my mom had this outfit for me to wear on my birthday. I wanted to dress up as Batman for my birthday. I was so thirsty to wear it so I wanted to wear it on my birthday. I made up my own rules.

Which member of the Mob takes Halloween most seriously?
I remember us doing an event around Halloween a few years back, and we all had Jason masks on. We hardly celebrate it together. In my neighborhood, though, when Halloween comes, the kids throw eggs at people off the roof when it gets dark.

I know you used to throw eggs on Goosey Night.
Nah, my mother didn’t let me leave the house. Harlem is dangerous during Halloween. My mom wanted me inside when it was dark.

That night would be used for gang initiations, too. I remember my parents trying to scare me whenever those rumors floated around.
It really was. That was like the early ‘00s. The Bloods would have a big initiation.

Have you noticed people dressing up as Yams for Halloween?
Hell, yeah. I think it’s dope. Every picture that I see of people dressing up as Yams, I send to his mom. Because that shows that people aren’t forgetting him, and the legacy is living on.

How about when people use blackface for costumes?
That’s a thing? I’ve heard of kids getting expelled from school, but didn’t know it was a regular occurrence.

Let’s say someone dressed up as Lil Wayne. Instead of just doing the hair and the tattoos, they would also make themselves darker.
Yeah, that’s not cool. That’s weird to me.

Have you ever been scared by a costume?
When I was younger, Halloween used to creep me out. My mom used to have news on at night showing all the crazy costumes at the parade in the Village. It was so foreign to me. You never knew what people were gonna wear. Most of them were creepy. And I would watch all these scary movies and think people could get away with murder because everybody were wearing masks. I’m grown now, so I can handle it.

Did older family members try to scare you with masks?
Not really. I remember I had the Scream mask with the blood dripping from the top. When pressed a button, the blood would just drip.

Rihanna on Halloween

Have you heard about the creepy clown sightings?
Yeah, it’s like a crazy phenomena right now. I’ll punch one of them right in their red nose.

Last question. What’s the sexiest costume a girl can wear?
A catsuit. I swear, that’s what I’m looking forward to: the female costumes. Rihanna killed it a couple years ago as a Ninja Turtle.

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