Hidden Gems From the SSENSE Summer Sale Worth Buying

From skincare to studded leather slip-ons, here 10 of the items from the ever-popular SSENSE sale worth your consideration.

The internet goes feral for the SSENSE sale twice a year, and for good reason. Coveted designer pieces are marked down for weeks on end, making it easy to blow multiple paychecks for the sake of getting a fit off. If you’re the kind of person who keeps their SSENSE shopping cart full, now’s the time to check out. 

Here’s are some of the hidden gems we think you should consider from this summer’s SSENSE sale. 

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Toga Virilis SSENSE Exclusive Green Loafers

Conner Ives White Lace Camisole

Humanrace Exclusive Bundle Set

Harago Off-White Cut Work Shirt

Fidan Novruzova Black Havva Boots

Maison Margiela Black Small Frame Bag

RRL Khaki Utility Duffle Bag

Noah Black Winged Foot Rugby Shorts

Praying Black 'Don't Give Up' Hoodie

Salomon Khaki XT-6 Sneakers

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