As GameStop experienced an unprecedented surge in its stocks, largely due to Reddit users rallying behind the near-bankrupt company, the entire event created a huge moment in the ongoing battle between hedge funds and individual investors.

What came of it, besides Wall Street trying to silence common investors to keep their pockets safe, was a new crop of memes and, now, graphic tees in commemoration.

The wild tee highlights the subreddit r/WallStreetBets' efforts in surging GameStop's stock, with its name written at the top with cash and Elon Musk‘s now-infamous “Gamestonk!!” tweet following it below. The T-shirt is currently available for a retail price of $33 on PizzaSlime’s website.

The story of GameStop's stock rise has continued to unfold since Wednesday afternoon, making some subredditors legitimately rich from gambling on the gaming retailer. Popular stock trading app Robinhood opted to block any more purchasing of GameStop stocks, among others that were booming, in an attempt to effectively stifle the market and stop any more subredditors and small-time investors from making a huge come-up.

It's still being debated what might happen with GameStop's stock over the next few days, but one thing is clear: redditors have already won and are now planning on waging war on Wall Street, one meme at a time.