West Coast-based streetwear brand BornxRaised has teamed up with prolific producer the Alchemist to deliver their new capsule collection styled to pay homage to the summer of 1984 in Los Angeles.

Along with the collection, the Alchemist is dropping an original instrumental album titled Carry the Fire simultaneously.

"It will take you to a special time and place," the company wrote in an Instagram caption announcing the drop. "My grandfather had an office on Washington and Dell Ave - he held me and let me watch the torch run down Washington to the beach - i was 3 years old and I remember it like it was yesterday • this project is all based on the 1984 LA Olympics and the nostalgic value that it holds with us • it already takes me back."

Both the collection and the album are called Carry the Fire and included in the rollout is a nostalgic Jason Goldwatch-directed video for the track "Water Bed" that captures the essence of the sweltering summer of '84 in L.A. The pastel colors used in the collection also find inspiration from that moment in time.

The Carry the Fire music video, limited-edition vinyl, and clothing collection all became available today at bornxraised.com. You can check out the pieces that will be included in the collection dow below.