One look at Sofia Richie in Drake’s OVO Women's FW2020 collection and you’ll start to re-think whether the sweatpants you’ve been wearing all week need a refresh. You wouldn’t be the only one—OVO’s latest drop of quarantine-ready women’s loungewear, complete with silk pyjamas and chenille hoodies with the famous owl-embossed logo, has almost sold out. That’s thanks in part to Sofia, the face of the campaign, who can be seen in the ads lounging everywhere from the couch to the bed, giving that sultry look the model, fashion designer, and youngest daughter of Lionel Richie has become known for. Her stylish but comfortable outfits make chilling at home look so good, you’ll want to ‘add to cart.’ 

We caught up with Sofia to talk about her personal style, her connections to music, and what she’s feeling the most from the OVO collection.

Growing up with a music icon as a father, how has that influenced your taste in music? What artists do you have on repeat right now?
Music is the most beautiful way to express yourself, and growing up with a musical father has made me appreciate it so much more. I'm currently listening to artists like Mayra Andrade, Leon Bridges, Miley Cyrus, and never forget the good 'ole Lionel Richie classics. 

You’re always so on top of the trends. What inspires your own personal style?
I try to wear clothes that express who I am. I'm really into pieces that are comfortable and fun. I wake up every morning deciding the vibe, which changes depending on my mood that day. 

"My whole point in starting modeling was to be around the designers and kind of study off of them."

What era in fashion speaks to you the most and why?
Whatever I put on, I have to feel good in. That’s all that really matters to me. As long as I feel good in it, then I know it’s right.

There have been so many icons in the fashion industry over the years—have you looked up to anyone in particular as you’ve shaped your career?
I love the Olsen twins. Not necessarily because I want to dress like them but I think they’re super creative and I think that what they’ve created is so interesting and they inspire me for that reason.

Everyone knows OVO by the owl—what animal would you choose to represent you?
For some reason water animals, like, really amaze me. I know that sounds weird but dolphins, whales, sharks…

Everything from the collection looks so comfy. What’re you loving the most from what you modelled?
I love the sweats with the chenille owl—they’re really cozy.

You’re creating your own path outside of your famous last name—what’s something you’d like to do next with your career?
Designing my own line is the ultimate goal! My whole point in starting modeling was to be around the designers and kind of study off of them. Then it picked up and it worked out! I’ve been taking notes along the way. I'm also excited to show the world some business and writing ventures that I have recently been diving into. Don't want to spoil anything, but stay tuned!