Today, Montreal's Atelier New Regime dropped its FW20 collection. Described as a recollection of co-founder and creative director Koku Awuye’s personal experiences looking for peace and freedom, the drop visits themes of freedom, resilience, and a process of reflection since the brand’s beginnings as a passion project over a decade ago.

“We’ve been around for a while nowsince 2009and it’s tough for a brand to stick around for that long,” says Awuye. “We want this collection to highlight our journey and what we’ve accomplished so far.”

The collection’s a step up for the brand, elevated by bold graphics and slogans with a heightened attention to design. “We used the iconography of the French revolution as a symbol for freedom and resilience,” Awuye continues. “This is also our first collection fully produced in Portugal, which is massive for us. That’s why it feels to us that it’s the birth of a New Regime. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and now we’re about to take over.”

The Birth of a New Regime is available now on the brand's site. Check out the collection below.

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