Despite the fact that we're all in the middle of an exhausting pandemic, some are still finding the energy to go out of their way to hurl criticism at public figures for innocuous happenings.

And for the latest development in a very recent example of this, we turn to Cardi B and Offset. As you may have seen on the timeline, the latter shared a clip to his IG this week in which the couple's two-year-old daughter Kulture was seen being gifted with a coveted Birkin bag.

As always, some were quick to swoop in with words of criticism for their gift, a gift that—it's worth noting here—has absolutely zero actual effect on anyone else's life. And in response to that, Cardi B took to her IG Story to support Offset's gift idea.

"When a celebrity buys their kid jewelry and designer shit people be like 'Kids don't care about that, they only care about toys and candy,'" Cardi said in her address to detractors. "Yeah, kids only care about toys and candy but the thing is that kids also go outside. Kids go to restaurants. Kids go to fancy places. Celebrity kids, they go do red carpets. And if I'm fly and Daddy's fly, then so is the kid ... So I'm not mad that Daddy bought baby a Birkin. She gon' match Mommy." 

Fans have also come to Cardi and Offset's defense, as excerpted below:

And on the topic of Birkin, fellow Migos star Quavo gifted Saweetie with two bags earlier this month in honor of her 26th birthday, an occasion she celebrated with the release of her new "Pretty B*tch Freestyle." Of the two, as explained in this recent Complex piece, the mint green piece can pull as much as $30,000 on the resale market.