Kid Cudi's 2020 has been eventful, to say the least. The Cleveland representative scored his first-ever Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper with "The Scotts," his latest collaboration with Travis Scott. On top of that, Cudi dropped "Leader of the Delinquents"—his first solo single in more than three years—and is at work on his next studio album, Entergalactic, with a Netflix series to accompany it.

To celebrate the release of "Leader of the Delinquents," Cudi has teamed up with Virgil Abloh for a limited T-shirt. Aptly titled "Pulling Strings," the tee features a sketch of Cudi playing puppet master to Cudi, which was created by the Off-White founder.

Fans will recognize the pose the puppet makes is the same one Cudi did in a TMZ clip from years back:

Virgil's design is also featured on limited pressing for "Leader of the Delinquents" via cassette, 7" vinyl, and 12" picture disc. You can purchase the new items here.

In a recent interview with Complex, Jaden Smith talked about his relationship with Cudi. "Cudi is my mentor in life and that's my big bro forever and I'm always here for him for whatever he needs," he said. "Cudi is such an important and powerful person in the world. I would love to do a million things with him, but I'm sure that something's going to come around for us again. Besides the collab on my last album that we did, which was a dream come true for me. To have that song with Cudi was really just such a dream come true. So I'm excited.

You can check out the lyric video for "Leader of the Delinquents" below.

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