Shawn Stussy, i.e. the dude who founded the Stüssy brand in the '80s, has reportedly filed a new trademark.

According to a report on this potentially massive development from Highsnobiety, the trademark is for "Shawn" and also includes a design for a new logo featuring the name. Also, per the report, the trademark application was filed by Shawn Stussy's S/Double Corporation just one day before he re-emerged for the Dior Men's 2020 collection in Miami.

At the time of this writing, the application is pending and is awaiting assignment to an examiner. As NSS points out, it's not yet known whether this potential trademark is intended as a sign of a new brand on the horizon or a revival of sorts.

Last June, Stussy made headlines for his assessment of the origin of the "streetwear" term, which he considers to be the result of "buzzword" thinking for articles.

"In my opinion, streetwear was a stillbirth as far as I am concerned," he said. "I never adopted the word/phrase, it was somebody who had to write an article and needed a buzzword i think?... i just made shit, end of story."