Supreme is being hit with a lawsuit from a company that claims the streetwear brand stole their design. 

ASAT Outdoors, LLC filed a complaint with the New York City federal court this week, claiming Supreme replicated a copyright-protected camouflage design that is "owned and registered by" the Montana-based outfitter. The lawsuit revolves around a pattern used for Supreme's Fall/Winter line-up. What Supreme calls "Tribal Camouflage" is almost identical to the design that ASAT Outdoors created. As a result, ASAT insists Supreme "copied [its camo] design." 

According to The Fashion Law, ASAT's lawsuit does not currently include any trademark claims like infringement or false designation of origin. That could change if the company is able to prove that consumers link this pattern to their brand. This is possible as ASAT jackets can be purchased at Walmart and certain outdoors retail stores. As for now, ASAT is looking to get monetary damages from Supreme that include—but aren't limited to—any profit made off Supreme products with the design. 

The case is similar to a lawsuit Kanye West's Yeezy brand faced last year. West was taken to federal court in Georgia by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises (JOE). JOE claimed Yeezy Season 5 contained multiple products with camouflage print close to its trademarked design. The case was eventually dismissed in September of 2018 after the two parties agreed to settle the claim.