Off-White—a brand synonymous with diagonal stripes, directional arrows, and quotation marks—has updated its look. 

Over the past several days, Virgil Abloh has teased the imprint's new logo on social media, sharing a series of images that show the words "Off" and "White" separated by a face silhouette with a hand under each word. The designer/artistic director captioned the Instagram photos with the following: "updated identity. miscellaneous images."

You can see that this logo has been used on Off-White signage and garment tags for the spring 2020 collection.

According to the Justia database, Off-White filed to trademark this logo on Sept. 13. The application states "the mark consists of a sinking person's hands and face below the words 'Off' and 'White,'" and will be used on everything from apparel and headwear to shoes and sleeping masks.

Shortly after the logo appeared on the brand's social media accounts, NSS magazine published an article titled Is Off-White updating its logo? Abloh retweeted the story Wednesday afternoon, suggesting that this was an official shift in branding.

Complex has reached out to the Off-White team for comment.