A New York judge ruled that JAY-Z has to sit down and answer questions regarding his ongoing legal battle against a fragrance company. 

According to documents obtained by Billboard, Jigga has been in a back and forth with the court over the logistics of the deposition. Originally, Hov was supposed to subject himself to questioning on Aug. 27. He canceled when he found out the deposition would be filmed. JAY-Z pointed out that "depositions of other high-profile celebrities have been leaked" and he did not want to hinder his brand.

Because filming JAY's responses is necessary to the case, Judge Andrew Borrok formulated a solution. He ruled that the deposition will take place on Friday. Each party will get three watermarked copies of the tapes, they will not be allowed to upload this footage to their computers or iCloud, and Borrok has instructed the court to destroy the original copies once the watermarked tapes are received. 

Fragrance company Parlux filed its original lawsuit against JAY-Z in 2016. Parlux claims Jigga was supposed to promote their Gold Jay Z men's fragrance. The company accuses Hov of breaching their contract and is seeking a return of the advance payment and royalties. Parlux also wants $18 million in punitive damages from the businessman.

JAY-Z and his team have been refusing the legal advances from Parlux, but he was unable to avoid the deposition.