Presumably in the longstanding tradition of reminding everyone that there's always money to be made in the inconsequentiality industry, the usual place for reportings on such things has announced that The Shapewear Brand Formerly Known as Kimono made an estimated $2 million Tuesday.

Per TMZ, the Kim Kardashian-created line now known as Skims Solutionwear moved—at least according to their unnamed sources—an estimated "$2 million in product" within the early minutes of availability Tuesday. The haul, again according to these sources, resulted in nearly all of the initial stock selling out with a speed the report likens to lightning. 

All this went down after the site for the line crashed, causing a one-hour delay in the sales launch.

As AdAge broke down in a recent profile on the name-related controversy that initially defined the line, pushback was seen as far back as May 2018 when early reports came in that Kardashian had filed for a Kimono Intimates trademark. While Kardashian said the original Kimono title was decided upon "with the best intentions" when announcing the eventual name change, AdAge noted that such a sentiment is unlikely given the social media-driven nature of the entire Kardashian branding.

"It's more likely that she simply ignored them," Denise Lee Yohn wrote in the piece, published Sept. 3.

Late last month, Kardashian revived talks of a new Kanye West album by sharing the tracklist for a project tentatively titled Jesus Is King, which is out later this month.