Drake Gets Another Tattoo for Toronto

Drake's newest tattoo is a reference to Toronto.

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Drake is never afraid to rep for his hometown—especially on his body.

The 28-year-old rapper has been known to collect tattoos that reference his birthplace of Toronto. From getting the “416” inked onto his ribs and the CN Tower onto his bicep and back, the dude seems more than happy to serve as a walking billboard for The 6. And apparently, he wanted more.

Earlier today, Drake’s Twitter fan page, WordOnRd, posted a photo of his latest tattoo: another CN Tower on his right arm. You may recall a previous CN Tower that Drake used to sport on his inner bicep, but was later replaced with an eye. Turns out he missed the reference and decided to get a bigger and better version of it.

Take a look at the piece in the image above. And tell us, what do you think of his new ink?

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