Drake Tatted These Celeb Faces on Himself, So You Know It’s Real

Here's a definitive ranking of Drake's celebrity ink.

Drake performs at The SSE Hydro

Drake performs at The SSE Hydro on March 23, 2017 in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Drake performs at The SSE Hydro

Drake fans across the world have demonstrated their love for the rapper by getting his face, album art, or lyrics permanently tattooed. One fan even went so far as to get Drake’s name inked on her forehead—proving, once again, that people are stupid. But psycho head tattoos aside, many tribute pieces are pretty cool and, in some cases, actually tasteful. Just look at Drizzy’s very own collection of celebrity tats.

Just like his die-hards, Drake has made the ultimate stan move by getting ink dedicated to household names. Sure, he has plenty of other notable pieces, like the H-Star, OVO owl, and the praying hands emoji, but there’s something really special about his inkwork inspired by famous figures. You know the ones: Aaliyah, Sade, and, most recently, Lil Wayne. In honor of his latest addition, we present the definitive ranking of Drake’s celebrity tattoos from worst to best—basing it on personal significance, aesthetics, and, of course, amusement factor.

​6. Rihanna ... or is it Robin Givens?

We’ll start with the most puzzling celebrity tattoo: the portrait of the mysterious woman. In 2016, fans began to speculate Drake got Rihanna’s face tattooed on his bicep. Many believed the piece was intended to replicate this photo, in which his on-again-off-again girlfriend is eating ice cream. As you can see, the two images barely resemble each other, which can mean one of two things: Drake’s tattoo artist failed miserably, or the woman is not actually Rihanna.

Fans have since theorized the portrait is of Mike Tyson’s ex-wife Robin Givens. Click here to check out a side-by-side comparison of Drake’s tattoo and the photo of Givens that supposedly inspired it.   

​5. Aaliyah 

​​This brings us to another important woman in Drake’s life: Aaliyah. The rapper’s obsession with the late R&B singer has been well documented over the years; however, in 2011, he decided to further express his admiration by getting the Aaliyah’s face tattooed under a pair of wings. The tribute piece was placed on the rapper’s back, and has since been joined by portraits of his mom, aunt, and uncle.

​4. Lil Wayne 

​​Assuming you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen Drake’s new(ish) tattoo of Lil Wayne. The More Life artist was first photographed with the piece during Houston Appreciation Weekend several days ago, but reportedly got it about five months back. Considering the role Wayne has played in Drizzy’s success, we’re not too surprised with this addition. How does the Young Money boss feel about it? According to TMZ, he’s “beyond floored and honored.”

​3. Drakkar Noir Cologne


OK, so this isn’t a celebrity, but it still deserves to be on the list, mostly because of how random it is. Or is it?

Earlier this year, Drake unveiled a black-and-white Drakkar Noir bottle tattooed on his left shoulder. Die-hard fans know he has been obsessed with the iconic men’s fragrance for years. In fact, his former Twitter handle was @drakkarnoir, an obvious play on his stage name. 

2. Sade 

Drake spent a lot of time under the needle this year. In addition to getting the Drakkar Noir ink, he honored the legendary soul singer Sade by getting her face tattooed on his ribcage. Not only was the portrait incredibly detailed, it was also signed “with love Sade x.”

It was a great tattoo, no doubt, but it got even better a few months later, when Drake completed the piece with a second portrait of Sade next to a palm tree. Now that’s love.

​1. Dennis Graham 

This brings us to Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, who has also become a full-fledged celebrity. But before he was releasing singles and starring in whiskey ads, Dennis spent years trying to mend his rocky relationship with his son. The effort paid off, and Drake celebrated their bond by getting his father’s photo tattooed on his arm. But it wasn’t just any photo. The image was based on Dennis’ old mugshot, adding a dose of comedy to the sentimental piece.  

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