Style trends operate in a never-ending cycle. One fades as another comes to the forefront, and just because something went out of style two decades ago, it doesn't mean that it's gone forever. A recent example of this phenomenon is the resurgence of the waist bag. More affectionately referred to as "fanny packs" by many, the useful accessory highlighted many wardrobes in the mid '90s before transforming into nothing more than a novelty in the decades that followed.

However, the times of these miniature storage accessories being a fashion faux pas are long gone. Over the course of the past year or so, the waist bag has become a viable complement to your outfit in the streetwear space. You no longer have to wear that neon-colored fanny pack you found collecting dust in your attic because tons of awesome brands from Stüssy to Y-3 have gotten in on the trend, and created options worth spending some money on. Plus, a waist bag is super practical. No pockets on that pair of shorts? All you need to do is strap one of these around your waist (or across your chest), and you are good to go. 

For anyone who wants to get in on the trend, but isn't sure where to start, take a look at our picks for 15 of the best waist bags on the market right now.