Jerry Lorenzo Pulls Back the Curtain on Fear of God's Sixth Collection With BTS Video

Brand founder Jerry Lorenzo talks religion, family, and the inspiration behind the Sixth Collection's video campaign starring Jared Leto.

Jerry Lorenzo has shared a short documentary called Pulling Back the Curtain focused on Fear of God's latest range.

The 10-minute visual followers the designer as he creates the Sixth Collection film campaign starring Jared Leto. Lorenzo explains that he and his team were aiming for vibes of "isolation" and "loneliness," but without the bleak or depressing undertones. We see the Fear of God crew assembling looks, pulling props for the set, explaining the inspiration behind the extensive collection, and Lorenzo's meeting at Nike headquarters in Oregon.

"You know what? Forget everything," he tells the Nike team. "My focus now is about making the best show. My focus now is about making the best clothes, because I can’t keep up with my family, keep up with the politics of us trying to be cool, and then making the best thing. Then I’m playing a different game."

Check out the film above.

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