Drake’s Scorpion dropped today, and one of the most significant images created so far around the album release has been a jacket emblazoned with the title and release date that Drake and several other creatives have worn on Instagram .


Don’t 🧀 Chubbs

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The jacket wasn’t available to the general public, for purchase or otherwise, until now. Fans will have a shot at copping it on the Suprize app, with one drop on Friday night at 8 p.m. PST. It’s endorsed by the artist himself, as Drake teased a giveaway on his Instagram stories early Friday morning. There will also be more OVO drops happening on the app over the next few days. 


🦂 sightings

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Suprize is a new free app that offers users the chance to win items like Supreme hats and backpacks or Yeezy Boost shoes in exchange for playing a game. 

Scorpion has already been making waves, with an expense list of collaborators that includes a JAY-Z feature that references XXXTentacion and an assist from Michael Jackson himself. Drake also confirmed that he does have a son on at least three tracks, including “Emotionless,” “8 Out of 10” and “March 14,” confirming the rumors made famous by Pusha-T’s diss track “The Story of Adidon.”