Listen, I know it’s scorchingly hot outside, and we’re all scrambling to break out the loosest, temperature-friendly clothes we own—but these Carmar Denim jeans have crossed the line. According to The Daily Dot, the company is selling what they brazenly refer to as “jeans” for $168 per pair, when it’s immediately apparent the majority of these pants is missing.

This might be too shocking and unexpected to actually comprehend, so let’s break it down. These “extreme cut-out pants” are comprised of the bare minimum, so customers can bare the maximum. While the “jeans” are, indeed, made of denim, they lack a critical ingredient—pretty much any denim. These are wearable, yes, but only if you’re desperate to exclusively cover your waist, knee, and cuff areas—and nothing else.

Twitter, of course, has taken to this bold piece of expensive, post-post-modern attempt at futurism and style like a school of sharks that smells an ocean full of blood. Exhibit A:

As you can see, it’s not just the customers who got ripped off here—the denim was, too. Fortunately, there’s a wild flood of Twitter reaction, cleverly taking jabs at the company and its bold decision to design, market, and sell these things. In an unexpected turn of events, the company itself even joined in.