Paria Farzaneh has enjoyed an impressive start to 2018 after producing one of the standout collections from London Fashion Week Men’s, where the London-based Iranian designer’s clothing was resoundingly celebrated for its intricate and fiercely independent approach. Her collection challenged preconceptions of the Middle East and the motifs throughout her menswear have a direct focus on celebrating her Iranian heritage. Most recently, she's teased the drop of her own Converse One Star silhouette, decorated with patterns inspired by her cultural upbringing.

As it happens, the shoes were all handmade 'one of one' pieces that she released as part of the workshops she’s been orchestrating in the basement of the One Star Hotel. Bringing people into her creative process by allowing anyone who has an interest in clothing and design to individually hand-craft pieces has seen people create tangible and unique stories via her clothing. This interpersonal approach is a key theme that knits together Farzaneh’s work, which also explains why the workshops have been a runaway success.

We caught up with the burgeoning designer to talk through her approach, what she’s aiming to achieve through the workshop and why she decided to use the Converse One Star Hotel as the hub for her latest project.