The average yearly salary of an NBA player is approximately $5 millionEven the D-League guys, who get called up for non-guaranteed 10-day contracts, take in around $26,000 for a couple practices, some travel, and maybe a few minutes of game time. Professional athletes generally make an ungodly amount of money that grants them access to things us plebes are not accustomed to, including designer clothing. Money, however, does not prevent a majority of athletes from making some extraordinarily swagless choices when it comes to their personal style.

Still, there are some style bright spots in professional sports, and NBA players lead the charge. Catalysts like Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler broke the stereotype of how NBA players should dress, suiting up for Fashion Week and taking chances with cutting edge designer gear in their off-court attire. The new fashion guard has the savvy to seek out the same information about trends and designers as the hypebeasts, fashion elite, and stylists of the world do, and it shows.

Players like Russell Westbrook have turned the pre-game tunnel entrance and post-game press conference into proverbial fashion runways, and have gained significant attention for doing so. That’s probably why more and more athletes are adopting Westbrook’s stance on fashion. James Harden, Andrew Wiggins, Steph Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, Mike Conley, Kevin Durant, and Trevor Ariza—to name a few—seem like they’re trying to one-up each other, solidifying the NBA’s place as home to the most interesting style in pro sports. 

Who reigns supreme (sometimes in Supreme)? In honor of the new season, we’ve taken a look at every team’s roster from superstars to newcomers, relentlessly researched pre- and post-game ensembles, and stalked every player’s social media accounts to determine the most stylish NBA teams right now.