The launch of adidas EQT was a huge moment in the brand’s history. They were slipping against other sportswear giants and the German brand decided they needed a radical rethink of what the brand stood for: EQT was born. At the heart of the new area of the brand was a core philosophy: everything that is essential, nothing that is not. adidas stuck to this, and stripped themselves back to three colours: black, white and the soon to be iconic EQT green.

Over the following years, the EQT range became a cultural icon. Initially designed for athletes and sports people (hence the ‘equipment’ name), the trainers and apparel released under the EQT banner became a subcultural phenomenon. Now, a quarter of a century after EQT was first launched, adidas have gone back to the brand and updated it for 2017. The green that became synonymous with the brand is gone, replaced by Turbo Pink; new silhouettes are being launched; and the most modern of adidas technologies, from boost to primeknit, are now a key part of EQT.

We sat down with Torben Schumacher, the adidas Originals VP of product, to talk to him about these changes, why the ‘no bullshit’ ethos still resonates, and what it’s like to redesign one of the most iconic pillars of the adidas brand.