While you might be dressing up as celebrities, don't forget that celebrities like to dress up too, and Beyoncé​ and Jay Z know how to do Halloween costumes right. Like the time Beyoncé dressed up as Janet Jackson and baby Blue Ivy went as Michael Jackson. Or when Hov went as Jean-Michel Basquiat with Beyoncé as Frida Kahlo. Then last year, the power couple rocked Coming to America costumes.

Beyoncé teamed up with her daughter Blue and her mother Tina Knowles Lawson to push it 1986-style with Salt-N-Pepa​'s look from the "Push It" music video. For her cousin Angie Beyince's 1980s-themed birthday party, the Queen rocked red spandex, gold high tops, a leather jacket, an MCM belt bag, and a flashy gold chain. 

Beyoncé shared her costume through an Instagram video, which was a slideshow of pictures in their costumes while "Push It" played in the background. 

Bey's bae Jay Z rocked flip-up sunglasses, a thick gold chain, and a leather jacket to pull off the look of Dwayne Wayne, the character played by Kadeem Hardison on A Different World, a spin-off from The Cosby Show.

At the birthday party, Beyoncé lived it up and did some dancing. She even took a picture with "Prince."

Even the legendary hip-hop group loved Beyoncé's costume, posting on Instagram, "We have to give it up to Beyoncé for representing us! We salute you for this girl."

Of course, while Beyoncé was rocking the Salt-N-Pepa​ look, many people are rocking the Beyoncé look this Halloween:

Beyoncé and Jay Z killed their costume game again this year, but we should be afraid of what they're gonna do next.