Rihanna fronted another magazine Tuesday morning and gave people around the world another reason to shower her with yelps of yassss queen. The Bad Gal is on the front of W dressed as a futuristic space queen—no word on what slang the aliens in that world are using. The “baddest bitch of the post-apocalypse,” as W describes her, has made a habit out of starring in out-of-this-world magazine covers. Who could forget her equally extra-terrestrial V cover? Or her casually laying in the mouth of a terrifying Great White shark? (Don’t @ us, we know it’s not real, but still.) The Bad Gal has so many memorable mag moments, we’ve gone ahead and ranked the top 10 in extremely definitive fashion. Also, in the interest of remaining impartial, we didn’t Complex’s cover (even though it was pretty great).