Today, Future’s pop-up in NYC opens to the public. The pop-up, launched with the help of social shopping website Fancy, promised to be more than a “glorified merchandise stand”—and it is. Complex got a preview of the space last night, and trust: If you’re in the #FutureHive, you’ll definitely want to go.

In addition to Summer Sixteen merch, there will be apparel from Future’s FreeBandz Clothing brand, collaborative leather jackets with John Varvatos, and leather goods from Moreca, including a duffle with an “Always Secure the Bags” tag). There are also pieces from streetwear brand Cease & Desist and Pintrill, which has designed an exclusive Future pin for the pop-up.

Besides apparel, there’s also fan art and art installations on display within the space. Future and his team commissioned a wall covered in black roses, much like the EVOL album cover, and a sculpture of his arms (complete with tats and his jewelry). The best part is, there’s a SHARK in the pond downstairs.

This isn’t the first pop-up the rapper’s done. This past March, he opened up a Freebandz pop-up in Los Angeles. In July 2015, he collaborated with Concepts on a NYC pop-up. However, the new NYC space is definitely his most expansive so far.

In the last year or so, artists like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and even Drake have turned tour merch and pop-up shops into complete experiences. It’s no longer just about a T-shirt or buying merch at the merch stand at the venue. It’s about creating merch that has a level of branding and design (if not always construction) that’s on par with streetwear brands fans already have in their wardrobe. Future is definitely following suit.

Future’s new pop-up, which coincides with his joint tour with Drake, will be open at 76 Wooster St. from Aug. 2 to Aug. 8, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Future Pop-Up Bag
Future x Moreca leather goods
Future Pop-Up Shop Freebandz
FreeBandz apparel
Future Pop-Up Shop Freebandz Collection
FreeBandz apparel
Future Pop-Up Hat
Purple Reign hat
Future Pop-Up Bags
Future x Moreca leather goods
Future Pop-Up Hat
Cease & Desist hats
Future Pop-Up T-Shirt
Summer Sixteen tour merch
Future Pop-Up Art Installation
Art installation at the pop-up shop