Frank Ocean has us by the goddamn balls with the figurative vice grip we commonly refer to as his long-awaited album Boys Don’t Cry. You don’t need me to remind you that it’s been a little over four years since ol’ Christopher Francis Breaux blessed us with his debut, Channel Orange. And it’s been a year since we were first promised a sophomore album...aka the day we began hanging onto our sanity by a thread. That thread got a tad bit stronger when it was revealed that he would be releasing his gospel tomorrow, exclusively through Apple Music.

Feels great right? Can’t wait. Well, we can, because we have, for what feels like a lifetime. Like, a lot of stuff has come and gone in that timespan. Even in the world of fashion trends, which we all know usually live forever and ever because fashion enthusiasts are the least fickle of all the peoples [cough]. But, alas, some strong trends have seen the apex and the valley, all within the span of two Frank Ocean albums. Let’s investigate.