Some fashion trends come, some fashion trends go, and some fashion trends refuse to die, no matter how many herbs make it their signature look. Remember back in December when we named dad caps one of the best style moves of 2015? Well, it seems like nearly everyone agreed with us about that. In fact, everyone agreed so much that even now, a whole seven months into 2016, you can't throw a physical copy of the new Blood Orange album out your window without hitting somebody in an intentionally bland, father-friendly, adjustable hat. So, we ask a simple, straightforward question: Why? Why is everyone still wearing dad caps? Why haven't we moved on to another type of headgear? And has anyone asked the dads of the world how they feel about all of this? 

Because of social media, we can easily identify some of the men to thank/blame for the enduring appeal of dad caps: In the last week or so, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Virgil Abloh have all done their part to keep them alive, affirming that, at least for now, this movement isn't going anywhere. So, in the spirit of giving the hell up, here are five dad caps that we actually like. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em—a sentiment that we imagine many actual dads can get behind.