Most Relevant:  Nurse Amber with the Glove, all of the LGBT-themed ones
Least Relevant: Any that duplicate your current keyboard’s emoji set
Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥​

Amber Rose’s celebrity continues to grow. It’s unique because of her innate ability to hone her hypersexuality in the most positive, refreshing way that encourages others do the same. She has a knack for putting slut-shamers in their place, and she embraces that with her line of MuvaMojis. Along with her familiar face and buzzed blonde hair, the range of emojis touch on everything from pole-dancing poses, to LGBT pride, to a reference to the infamous finger(s)-in-the-booty tweet about Kanye West. Her emoji set has it all, which is why it’s raking in millions as she rivals Kim for king of the celebremojis.