Justin Bieber and his hair have managed to take us all on quite the adventure this year. It’s only April and the pop star has seemingly rocked just about every hairstyle ever invented. From cornrows and man bun to dreadlocks and a purple ombré, the singer's hair has pretty much done it all. But it appears that the wild ride has finally come to an end as Bieber recently took to Instagram to show off his latest hairdo: a buzz cut.

It might come as little surprise that the Biebs has opted for a clean slate (of hair) given the fact that he and his former dreadlocks have been called out in the past for cultural appropriation. Even though some of Bieber's hairstyle choices haven’t always been fan favorites, you have to give the singer credit for always keeping things interesting. And if sharing his new and improved look on Instagram wasn’t enough, Bieber even jumped in on the Drake meme action and posted the following VIEWS selfie.

Here's to hoping that Bieber's future contains fewer hairstyles. And more Drake memes.