Amber Rose is conquering the app world, one million dollars at a time. Rose's just-launched emoji app, the aptly named MuvaMoji, is doing massive numbers in its first week of release. MuvaMoji reportedly earned more than $2 million on its first day of availability alone, according to the emoji analysts over at TMZ.

Though some have compared the app to Kim Kardashian's own Kimoji, sources tell TMZ that Rose isn't concerned with detractors. Rose is reportedly "confident the app perfectly reps her personality" and says there was no effort made at copying Kim's app. As any emoji analyst would agree, any given emoji app may vaguely resemble another due to the fact that they are all based on one uniting idea: emoji.

"I wanted to include enough content to appeal to everyone, not just my fans," Rose said in a statement announcing the app's launch earlier this week, as quoted by People. "The Moji team and I have come up with over 900 icons we are initially launching with and plan to update it regularly by adding more content each week." Speaking of content, peep Amber Rose's recent appearance on our own "Sneaker Shopping" below: