You may or may not have previously heard of the New York-based streetwear brand Richardson, as it maintains a reputation as being for those who are "in the know" of what goes on in the Downtown scene of New York today. Andrew Richardson, a London native now living and working in New York, has slowly expanded his indie erotic magazine of the same name over the years into what is now a successful clothing label.

In a new interview, Richardson told The New York Times that his clothing brand started up as a mere afterthought, following a successful 2003 collaboration with Supreme. Richardson, riding on the success of his magazine and that first early collaboration, has grown his streetwear brand to include staple items many of us seek today, such as bomber jackets, carpenter pants, and a line of popular graphic T-shirts. 

Richardson, the magazine, has been known to feature some highly provocative imagery in its issues, teaming up with controversial figures such as Terry Richardson and Blacc Chyna over the years for some raunchy editorials and cover shoots. Richardson attributes at least some of his success to continuing to live his life as he always has, before his publication took off. “I’m 49 years old and I’m still living a somewhat adolescent life,” Richardson told The New York Times. “You know, I’m sort of happy about it. As you get older, you can get really restrained by fear of your future.” 

Head over to the NYT site for more insight on the history of the magazine, brand, and Richardson himself.