Chances are you've never heard of streetwear brand Richardson, but it already has the support of Supreme's James Jebbia and Dover Street Market New York​, where it's opening an installment tomorrow. 

Richardson was an erotic magazine founded by Andrew Richardson long before it became a brand. What finally convinced Andrew to start his own label were some words of encouragement from Jebbia, who asked him, "Why don't we do some T-shirts from the magazine?"

In the Spring 2015 collection, Andrew poses as a wrestling team, with a honey badger for a logo, and a hardware store in the collection, both with their own inspirations. The honey badger came about because the fake wrestling team "needed a spirit animal," Andrew tells Style.comand the animal embodied the "never-give-up kind of people" the founder identifies with. The more straightforward, juvenile inspiration behind the hardware store comes from Andrew's erotic roots. "Richardson’s got the word hard in it, hard and hard, hardware…​" Andrew explains.

The collection is comprised of T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, a Coach's jacket, and a work shirt. You can see touches of Supreme, which has made a habit out of collaborating with artists, in a T-shirt that features a photograph from Richard Prince. Andrew's favorite piece from the collection, though, is a motocross-inspired joint, which he says is "exactly a technical motocross shirt, with like pique dry-fit, and the fabrics and the graphics and everything is, like, perfect. It was ridiculously impractical to make. But it’s just like, sometimes you’ve just got to do it because it’s that cool."

The installation at DSMNY will feature pages pulled from Richardson magazine, as well as a phallic shaped incense burner you can see below. 

The collection hits DSMNY as well as Richardson's online shop tomorrow, March 27. 

Image via Richardson
Image via Richardson
Image via Richardson



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