Kevin Durant on Inspiring Waka Flocka's Mixtape Art and Why He Chose to Design Underwear

We talked to Kevin Durant about his new Neff underwear line, Waka Flocka's 'DuFlocka Rant' mixtape, and more.

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Kevin Durant, who's already designed sneakers and eyewear, is dabbling in a new project: undergarments. The Oklahoma City Thunder player was in New York City recently to promote his new underwear line with Neff, who also recently collaborated with Jaden Smith

The collection features all types of graphics, from pizza to astronauts in space and more basic ones like plaid. Durant said that he'd been wanting to design an underwear line for a while now, and Neff was the perfect brand to collaborate with. 

We went down to the press conference at the SoHo Grand Hotel to talk to KD about his new project, but also some NBA-related questions. Does he still think Steph Curry's character isn't as good in NBA 2K? Is he as good in the video game as he is in real life? 

Oh, and can't forget about this gem: What did he think about Waka Flocka's DuFlocka Rant mixtape?

​The Kevin Durant x Neff underwear will be available exclusively at Foot Locker.

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