Typically, when Jaden Smith is making headlines for his style, he's wearing a Batman costume to Kimye's wedding or his prom. However, the philosophical teen has connected with Neff to model the brand's collaboration with The Simpsons

In this behind-the-scenes footage, Smith talks about his feelings toward originality. "I think people should not be afraid to take someone else's idea and make it better," he says. "I'm a little original, and I think it's cool, but I also take inspiration from other places."

It gets even better. Smith also defines the meaning of fun. "Fun is when you're not being hindered by anyone's opinions or expectations or you don't feel you need to do anything and you can do just whatever you feel and you're not influenced by anything around you." 

The collection, available now at Neff's website, includes tees and flannels that feature Bart Simpson and the term "Trouble Maker."