Assuming you don’t live under a rock, you’re probably well aware of the Supreme x Dr. Martens footwear collaboration that dropped earlier today. It was a highly anticipated partnership that blended each brand’s trademark styles among Dr. Martens’ iconic four-eye shoes and six-eye boots.

And although the collaboration is very much in line with the current ‘90s trend, Supreme’s marketing director, Angelo Baque, insists that wasn’t the reason why the brands decided to join forces.

“I hate the term trend forecasting,” Baque told Vogue. “For us, it’s just about what feels right at the time. . . . At the end of the day, punk is very skate, skate is very punk, and Dr. Martens is part of that culture.”

The collaborative project may have not been motivated by the current throwback fads, but Baque did admit it is fitting for the current spirit of menswear.

“The four-eye [shoe] feels good, especially for now, when the lines are blurred when it comes to menswear,” he told Vogue. “It isn’t like, ‘You have to wear this in order to wear that’—it’s kind of like anything goes at this point. It’s about how you put your own personal take on it.”