There's always someone who's cooler, better, and smarter than the rest. He’s the kind of guy who isn't afraid to take a risk, or just flat-out see something that the average population doesn't. That counts double for current day since the Internet has made dressing well easier than ever. We're always a click away from the latest batch of style essentials you need, a spectrum of style icons to model your wardrobe after, the best/hottest/coolest/most important/brandiest of brands, and even prescribed style risks to take. Still, even among these well-dressed, tightly edited lists of style icons, there's a division of dudes who are just cooler—who made the leap, broke the rules, and defined the future of fashion as we know it. These men are one step above the best-dressed men in history, these are the 10 Fashion Rebels Who Changed How Men Dress Today.