Teenagers love to stunt.

The inherent desire to flex on their peers is a powerful emotion, so much so that it can lead to questionable and highly dangerous decisions. Case in point? A group of Florida teenagers went around robbing 20 houses for gold, not because they wanted to cash in on its value, but because they wanted to create their own set of grills.

(Sigh) Kids…

According to The Sun Sentinel, five high-schoolers in Palm Beach County were arrested after they broke inside a home that was still occupied. It turns out that a boy who lived in the house heard the break-in and called police. Once law enforcement arrived, they were able to capture a 16-year-old male who claimed to be the designated “lookout” and in charge of carrying the previously stolen goods. But after reviewing text messages between the group, police discovered the “lookout” was actually the ringleader, and that the guys had plans to melt the jewelry down to create grills for the entire crew. Really?

We understand the pressure to flex on your classmates, but is it worth a criminal record? No.