After revealing the cover on Instagram back in January, Kim Kardashian spoke with Harper's Bazaar about her initial plans to organize her 352-page book Selfish by types of selfies (glam selfies, sexy selfies, selfies with sisters, etc.). Those plans changed unfortunately, but the book does still exist in a more chronological format, and it's available for pre-order on Amazon now, ahead of its May 5 release date.

The preview for the Rizzoli-published coffee table book includes some of the selfies that made the cut, but some of them are not the kind of photos you would expect. Because the photos cover the past nine years of her life, the resolution on some are no where close to iPhone quality. There are also closed eyes and sunburns—things you would never see on Kim Kardashian's Instagram now and aren't exactly what we'd call her best selfies.

The less than perfect photos have not stopped fans from pre-ordering the book, however, as it recently became the #1 Best Seller in Amazon's Portrait Photography category.


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