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Surely by now you're aware that Kim Kardashian is planning to release a 352-page book of selfies titled Selfish in the near future. What you may not know is that her book is not a reaction to the narcissism that social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have helped to foster. In fact, Kim has been building toward this moment since the days of Myspace layouts and Motorola flip phones.

For a recent profile piece, Harper's Bazaar constructed a timeline of a day in the life of Kim. While she didn't talk about the ridiculous amount of sex that she and Kanye West are having, she did talk a bit about Selfish and the image storage and selection process. "I started taking pictures years ago, around 2006, and I kept them, all organized on my computer in folders," she told Charlotte Cowles. "We didn't call them selfies back then. I had no idea what I was saving, just memories, really. This book is filled with so many good memories, and they all tell the story of the year when they were taken."

We're not sure what kind of camera Kim used nine years ago, but for the sake of our coffee tables, we hope her megapixel game was on point. With such a deep archive of photos, filling 352 pages must have been easy, but not all of the selfies could make the final cut. "It took a minute to figure out exactly what order to put them in," said Kim. "First we had it separated by glam selfies, selfies with friends, selfies with sisters, and sexy selfies, but then we decided that it made more sense to do it chronologically."

The Rizzoli book is available now for pre-order on Amazon and is already the #1 New Release in the "Celebrity Photography" category beating out Mario Testino's In Your FaceChloë Sevigny's self-titled book, and several photo books on The Beatles.