We're all in the market for a yacht, right? Just kidding, we aren't all rappers with wildly successful business ventures (we're looking at you here, Jay Z). But yachts are pretty cool things, and they're something a lot of wish we could afford, and the best ones are really nice to look at while sitting in a pedalo. However, we're pretty confident that pretty much no yacht has ever been quite as cool as the new prototype currently being put into production by new British yacht manufacturer Glider Yachts

It's something that looks like it belongs in a James Bond film. The main body of the yacht sits above the water, extending from two sleek hulls that look more like helicopter skids, allowing the yacht to glide—see what I did there?—above the water surface, meaning this yacht can go faster and tackle rougher water that conventional yachts. But more importantly, it looks ridiculously cool. 

Take a look at some more renderings of the concept below, and if your pockets are deep enough, hold tight for the September 2015 launch in Monaco.