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Though touted as the “first name in skateboarding footwear and apparel,” Vans has never released a full-length skate video since its 1966 inception. However, that is all about to change with the release of Propeller, a feature-length film that takes a look at the current realm of skateboarding and how it came to be.

Directed by acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Greg Hunt, the project features some of the biggest names within the Vans skate team, such as Elijah Berle, Rowan Zorilla, and Kyle Walker, as well as some of the sport's most celebrated pioneers, including Jason Dill, Geoff Rowley, and Tony Alva.

The stories from each generation make this video retrospective and forward-thinking all at once, while also serving as a testament to Vans’ strength over the years—both as a team and a brand.

Propeller is set to release in May; until then, you can check out a trailer for the film above.

[via Vans]