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Majestic, as the official outfitters and apparel brand associated with Major League Baseball (aka MLB), has a huge catalogue of sportswear staples to play with when it comes to collaborating with streetwear brands like ICECREAM. After collaborating with Billionaire Boys Club this season, working with ICECREAM was a logical step, and one that's got a damn good-looking outcome. 

Replica game jerseys, stadium jackets, coach jackets, and varsity jackets are given the trademark ICECREAM treatment; bright colours, big logos, and of course, the ICECREAM cone graphics appear throughout. The baseball theme doesn't stop with the pieces used, with the logos all getting a good dose of the all-American past time worked into the graphics. 

Check out some more of the lookbook below, and head over to the ICECREAM webstore to shop to collection now.