Another day, another chapter in the Justin Bieber-Calvin Klein saga.

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live took aim at the Biebs in a hilarious sketch that mocked his new commercial with model Lara Stone. Everything from his age to his height to his questionably large bulge were up for ridicule as comedian Kate McKinnon impersonated the 20-year-old to a tee.

Well, it turns out Justin received word of the sketch and didn’t waste any time responding to it on Twitter. And he did so in a surprisingly respectable manner: “well played. Lol," the pop star tweeted.

Because the reaction was so low key (and free of legal threats), it proved that Justin is fully capable of being the—ahem—bigger man in this situation. Or maybe he's finally understanding the concept of "if you can't beat them, join them."

Either way, we're glad to see he's demonstrating a sense of humor.

[via Uproxx]