After weeks of rumors surrounding Justin Bieber possibly sporting, but maybe not, a Photoshopped penis in his new Calvin Klein adsSaturday Night Live is getting in on the conversation. 

Kate McKinnon perfectly plays the pop star alongside Cecily Strong, as Lara Stone, the model in Bieber's ads, for a hilarious parody of the advertisements. The commercial depicts Bieber as an immature child who wears XXS underwear, and says things, like, "This tattoo made me say owwie," and, "I'm not supposed to drink, but I do," while sipping from a juice box.

While Bieber denies there was any foul play, SNL gives it two cents on the topic in its own way by making Bieber's bulge grow increasingly larger throughout the commercial. While pointing to an obviously enhanced area, McKinnon delivers what we're pretty sure Bieber would have wanted as the real tagline, "My Calvins, clothes for my big wiener." 

Watch the whole video above. 

[via SNL]