There are plenty of style rules that always deserve recognition: Personal expression is paramount. Fit above all. When in doubt, all-black-everything is always stylish. Well-thought out style guidelines are both timeless and will never lead you astray when you assemble an outfit for any occasion.

One commonly followed rule is that you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day. At this point, it's a nearly universally acknowledged idea that's set in stone. But do the research, and you'll realize that this statute was invented by a very specific group of people for a very specific reason. Like other types of rules, the sartorial regulations that are supposedly iron-clad were created by those in power to do so. Using the outward-facing medium of clothing and appearance, the ruling group of people have always used fashion as a means to demarcate what is "acceptable" and "normal," and whoever runs afoul of these rules is outside of the standard. It's something those in a position of power have been doing for millennia. 

And guess who's been in that position, since, like 1492. From the old sayings to Ivy League establishments of style, these are 9 Clothing Rules White People Invented to Benefit White People.