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This is well beyond the generation gap, it's just flat-out sad. Sid Credle, the Dean of Hampton University's Business School, has banned MBA students from wearing cornrows or dreadlocks. If Credle has an issue with students choosing to wear their hair however they like at the Virginia historically black college, that's fine, but his opinion shouldn't be forced upon students. Especially when it's articulated like this:

Dean Credle disagrees and says when people criticize the ban for denying cultural aspects of style, he believes cornrows and dreadlocks have not been a historically professional look.

"I said when was it that cornrows and dreadlocks were a part of African American history?"

Credle added, "I mean Charles Drew didn't wear, Muhammad Ali didn't wear it. Martin Luther King didn't wear it."

His flawed argument really comes apart when he mentions Charles Drew, Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King, Jr. What do they have to do with this argument? Pusha T, RGlll and A$AP Rocky may very well be the only dudes who can get away with rockin' braids in 2012, but saying dreadlocks aren't a historically professional look or have no place in African-American history is way off. A man or woman with dreads can look far cleaner than the next man who's allergic to the barbershop or the next woman who just decided she didn't want to do her hair that day—or ever

This opens the door for a bigger discussion about whether or not certain hairstyles are professional within and outside of the black community. At the same time, who is Credle to tell people to just cut their hair and expect them to do it? Good job once again, the "real" HU.

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