Italian designer label Stone Island began life as a diffusion line of C.P. Company, Massimo Osti's label, in 1982, and despite its popularity with middle-aged Casuals, has pushed the boundaries when it comes to fabric treatments and effects throughout its history.

From nuts things like the “Liquid Reflective” jacket—which used thousands of small shards of actual glass in the weave to reflect light, to the "Pure Metal" shell jackets, made by bonding 100% stainless steel or bronze metallic mesh to fabric—Stone island are way out there, in terms of innovative fabric techniques.

As part of Fall/Winter 2014, Stone Island have produced a range of hand-painted tortoise shell jackets and jumpers made from Raso Gommato, a cotton satin that originated from the military. The satin is bonded to polyurethane film, dyed and then decoloured in targeted areas with corrosive paste, so that the faded parts can be repainted with the tortoise pattern, and then over-dyed. Which, needless to say, is a painstaking process. As such, this collection has a hefty pricetag, but come on, look at how dope they are.

Check out the rest of the collection below and head to your local Stone Island stockist to pick it up.