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Spencer Fujimoto is the brain behind El Señor New York, skateboarding's first and only jewelry line. In what could so easily have been terrible, Fujimoto has skillfully created a concept and brand that faithfully maintains the spirit of skateboarding.

With his collections focussed on creating jewelry inspired by the the skateboarding wonders of the world, the jewelry truly is for skaters, by skaters. The collections so far have included the Brooklyn Banks, EMB, Love Park, Lockwood benches and tables, Hubba Hideout, the Animal Chin ramp, the infamous New Jersey barrier and the much-loved-but-often-forgotten parking block.

To create his pieces, Fujimoto hand carves the shapes from wax blocks before creating moulds he can pour the metal into, meaning each shape is lovingly hand-crafted and perfected by a true lover of each wonder. Available in gold, gunmetal and rhodium finished, the jewelry is quality, and what better way to show your love for the heritage of skateboarding?

Check out some of the latest collection below, and head over to the El Señor New York webstore to cop.